Reduces treatment times and improves quality

highly therapeutic vibrations

Vibra is the new selective mechanical-sound wave system for the non-invasive treatment of muscular and neuromuscular pathologies.

Vibra is an innovative device that generates highly therapeutic vibrations capable of inducing metabolic and neurophysiological type adaptive responses in the muscular and osteoarticular structures of the body.
As a result of modifications induced by the use of specific frequencies, this system is able to speed up functional recovery, improving proprioception, muscle tone, physical endurance and muscular coordination.


Vibrations at different frequencies are used effectively in the fields of Rehabilitation, Neurology, Pain Management, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, Posturology, Geriatrics and Aesthetic Medicine.
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Vibra is very useful in the organisation of outpatient work thanks to its extremely comprehensive software with diary, patient database, appointment calendar and treatment cycle functions.
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